Friday, January 22, 2010

Time Flies When You're Trying to Have Fun

I enjoy reading blogs, catching up on the news and ideas of friends and family. I haven't been diligent in doing my own though.

Much has happened in the past couple of years. I have a new daughter-in-law, a new grandson, a new soon-to-be son-in-law, a couple of trips out west, lots of trips here and there with my friend, Peggy, and the list goes on.

Ryan married Deirda Hopkins in December 0f 2007 in th3e Washgton DC temple. Deidra's family is from Philadelphia and that is where both her parents and Fred and I were married. It was a memorable ceremony as Dee was suffering from the flu that day and you can imagine the worst. Yes, she was ill at the end of the ceremony.

Kellie and Alex made us proud grandparents on May 3, 2009. Little Owen Alexander Lambert has been a pure delight. Fred, Shaun and I all the the opportunity to visit them (at different times) this past summer and the whole family came home for Tnanksgiving this past fall. It is hard being a grandparent living so far away. It is more exciting each telephone call as Owen and I have quite the googoo conversations.

I'll post pictures shortly.

Until then

Friday, August 31, 2007

In Addition to Flowers, I Love Animals and Birds

Since, I have gotten my camera, I love to take pictures of scenery, of animals, of trees, and you already know about my flowers and bees. These are some of my finds.

This friendly squirrel I met at my friend Peg's. He was sitting patiently in the tree waiting for some peanuts.

Then there were the ducks at the Tourist Bureau in Windsor. There are four pairs of them, but they don't like having their photos taken. I was lucky to get one in a decent shot. I will go back soon to see if there are any children added to the families.

Horses don't really care if you take their picture, as long as they have something to nibble on. Out on the Chester Road there are two groups of them that interest me. The one group appears to be all adult horse. The other group had some colts born this spring, so they are fun to watch. You will see that the young ones like to stay close to mom.

Now lets head to the south shore and look at some sea gulls. The two guys look quite content to sit on the rock and enjoy the day.

I had a great shot of a cormorant with its wing spread out drying them, until I found out what birds of destruction they are, I knew I could never use that photo. Instead I will share the island in Northwest Cove that they nested on and literally removed everything.

Instead I will end this session with a picture of something much more appealing. Another shot I took on the same afternoon. It made me feel better to see this sailboat and know that it's seaman was mastering the wind in his sails and enjoying the afternoon (I hope he was, as I enjoyed watching)... If only life were as simple and free as the sailboat. But then again, even the sailboat needs a master...

Sunday, August 26, 2007

My Trip to the Barn Market went to the BEES

Yesterday the skies looked promising so I decided to go on a road trip to visit one of my favourite farmers' markets, The Hubbards Barn. I took a bag, got some cash and headed out mid morning to catch all the action before everything was gone.

I knew I got there just at the right time, as the parking lot was overflowing and there were lots of people with children and pets walking around chatting and collecting their purchases for the week. My mission to was get some oils and vinegars from a vendor I purchased from last year. If you look closely, she is midway in the picture and her tall bottles are displayed in front of her.

There were three large areas inside the 'Barn' where vendors were packed in with no place for anyone else. The entertainment for the day was playing when I arrived. I walked around and looked at the baking, produce, meats, jewellry, photography, paintings, soaps, jams & jellies, and much more.
Once outside, I was even more interested, but not in the vendors. Outside there were also flower ladies, produce vendors, and even a gentleman selling food from his English heritage. It was all quite exciting, but my interest soon switched to the outside buildings, scenery and flowers.

I love old style buildings so the one below caught my eye, along with the trellis.

But that was nothing compared with what I was to discover next.

FLOWERS - and not only flowers, but flowers with BEES! And the bees were very cooperative. I turned my camera to macro and began shooting as long as they would let me. My research tells me it is the Echinacea commonly called the Purple coneflowers.

There were bees everywhere. They must have been attracted to the long stigmas sticky with nectar and pollen.

The rest of my trip paled in comparison to the bees and close ups. I did leave Hubbards and stopped in Chester and walked around a street art sale. The sun was bright and hot by then, so it was a nice afternoon. I purchased a wind chime that had stain glassed butterflies and hung it up as soon as I got home.

...And so ended my last Saturday of August, the last Saturday beforereturning to work at school...

Wednesday, August 22, 2007

I Love Flowers

Can you tell that I love flowers? My camera, a Sony Cybershot H7, has a macro setting that allows me to take closeup shots. The colours of flowers are amazing and whenever I get an opportunity, I snap the colours of the rainbow found in these beautiful flowers.

Take a look at these...

Flowers are words which even a babe may understand.
As for marigolds, poppies, hollyhocks, and sunflowers, we shall never have a garden without them, both for their own sake, and for the sake of old-fashioned folks, who used to love them.

...and so I look for more colours; soon the colours of autumn...

Welcome to My World

There are lots of things I enjoy doing. Most of them are as a result of my years being a mother to four grown children - Kellie(30), married to Alex; Shannon (26) and hopefully married someday to Jason; Ryan (22) and very soon to be married to Dee; and finally Shaun (20) someday either going on a mission or attending school. Each one is a story in itself, but this is about my interests now that they have left the nest (or at least most of them have, and we are making a final push to get the last ones out.

One of the first things we (my husband Fred and I) did this summer was move closer to my work in the town of Hantsport. Fred recently started a new job at in the valley, so we are now both closer to work. We love our new townhouse at the end of a quiet street.